Draining the Swamp
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1 year ago

S1:E7 – Make Up a Guy

Episode Notes

When one of the nurses - sorry, let me start again. When Radar gets jilted by his girlfriend, Hawkeye and Trapper play matchmaker to lift his spirits. Hawkeye invents a fictional officer, "Captain Tuttle," to justify smuggling supplies to an orphanage, only for Tuttle to become a beloved member of the 4077. Hawkeye and Trapper gaslight a racist, bloodthirsty officer in the hopes of getting him discharged. Lastly, Hawkeye gets cockblocked by an assortment of patients, including his old friend Tommy Gillis, a racist and bloodthirsty child, Frank, and two guys who got in a fight over some salami.

Zach and Maxie complain about the heat; this is just episode 13 again?; Transgender MAS*H Quotes; Mike Huckabee's really bad Twitter jokes; Henry Blake is definitely an alcoholic; Frank and Houlihan get to be human beings for like two minutes; Zach and Maxie, Script Doctors